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Jason Derulo challenges Dwayne Johnson to a hotdog eating contest

ABC/Paula Lobo

While the fate of this year’s Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest hangs in uncertainty due to COVID-19, another nail-biting competition might take its place on Independence Day.  “Swalla” singer Jason Derulo has just challenged Dwayne Johnson to a hotdog eating contest.

As for why Derulo singled out The Rock, it’s because the former pro wrestler has gained a reputation for his Sunday “cheat day meals,” such as endless plates of sushioodles of French toast and other mouthwatering dishes that could give anyone food FOMO. 

As for Derulo, he recently shocked fans for polishing off 20 massive burgers in two hours as a way to celebrate reaching 22 million followers on TikTok.

So, it’s only natural the “Trumpets” artist would want to flex his stomach muscles and challenge someone he could go toe to toe with in a followup food-eating contest, because “I don’t think nobody else could come close,” he dished to TMZ.

“I think I could take [Dwayne Johnson.] I really do. My security guys are big guys, and I eat more than all of those guys,” Derulo boasted. “The Rock, I know you’re notoriously a big eater, but I’m a big boy. I’m calling you out right now.”

The contest, which would have to be held virtually, would apparently last 10 minutes in honor of the tradition enacted by Nathan’s longstanding contest.  Whoever gobbles down the most wieners within that time limit wins.

It also appears the 30-year-old is pretty confident he could best the Jumanji star, saying, “I guarantee you, if we do this on July 4, you versus me, a hot dog eating contest, I’m gonna come out on top.”

The Rock has yet to respond to Derulo’s challenge.

By Megan Stone
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