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Issa Rae tests SZA's knowledge of her Emmy-winning series, 'Insecure'

Courtesy of Billboard

Insecure superfan SZA joins the show’s star and creator Issa Rae to test her knowledge of the popular HBO series on Billboard’s Quizzed series.

Issa started with a few easy questions about The Dunes apartment complex Issa lived in on the series, followed by a few “deep-cut” questions about the show’s raunchy quotes. 

“So you would date a Lawrence?” asked Issa, of the show’s character, played by actor Jay Ellis. He was known for putting his “[eff]boy” tendencies on display in season two.

“I was mad because I dated a Lawrence,” SZA admitted. “I was mad that whole season because I just felt that whole experience of dealing with a wack dude.”

The “Hit Different” singer admitted she cheated on the “wack dude” and wrote all about it in her CTRL cut, “Supermodel.” 

SZA played the missing girl Latoya Jackson on season four of the Emmy-nominated show. 

Later, she and Issa discussed internet dragging, which doesn’t seem to be a real thing for Issa.

“It’s not a real problem if you can just log out. It’s literally not real,” said Issa. “It’s so easy to distract yourself and go into the real world and pass people in the street that don’t even know what’s going on.”

You can watch the full 13-minute episode on Billboard’s YouTube page

By Rachel George
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