“Indian River County School District” Hosts Event To Promote Equity!

Dozens of people are expected to turn out in Vero Beach on Friday at Storm Grove Middle School for a special conference.

“Equity In Action: Moving to Re-envion 2025” will focus on ensuring all students especially minorities have a fair chance of success.

Earlier this year, The Indian River County School District made headlines for banning confederate flags and swastikas. Friday’s program takes that approach a step further.

The event will include 4 break out sessions led by special guests speakers who will discuss equity, inclusion and leadership in the classroom.

Historically, Indian River County remains one of the few in the state that is still under a federal desegregation order. As a result, the district is required to work to improve its education system for minority students and meet certain requirements.

Organizer. Dr. Deborah Taylor-Long said Friday’s conference is a step towards achieving that goal.

“It’s paramount that we ensure that these students that we are serving today are prepared, very well prepared for the world that they are going to have to face and that they have the tools and the knowledge in order to be able to be responsible, but be successful as well,”Long said.

The event will also focus on educating those in attendance on the difference of equality and equity.

“Equality is making it equal, in that you’re offering so that they can get it. They can get it, but when you require it to be equitable, you’re offering it where they are so that they can achieve where they need to be,” Long said