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“Indian River County School” Announces Reopening Plan!

The superintendent of the School District of Indian River County introduced the district’s reopening plans Friday for the 2020-21 school year.

Moore presented students and parents with three options for the new school year:

  • Traditional in-classroom learning “with health and safety procedures in place” when school starts on Monday, Aug. 10
  • Virtual School: Full-time online instruction at home
  • Transitional Distance Learning Model: Full-time online instruction/live streamed lessons at home

Students have until July 10 to choose which option in which they want to participate.

In the Virtual School option, each family would drive the pace of the learning and determine when to take each lesson, and how long to spend on each lesson.

“The pacing of this virtual program is based on the parent and the child’s agreement,” said Moore. “You may sign on and take classes a little bit in the morning, some in the afternoon. You may be reaching out to the teacher for some facilitation or some support.”

To enroll in the Virtual School option, call Chris Taylor, Director of Virtual Education, at 772-564-3033. Virtual School will begin Aug. 12.

For the Transitional Distance Learning Model, students would follow a live bell schedule at home, and parents would commit to in-home virtual learning for the first nine weeks. Students would log on virtually during the bell schedule and participate in lessons with their teacher live.

“This is a model in which you would plan on returning to school, but you’re just not there yet,” said Moore.

Moore added that when the new school year begins in August, face masks will only be required while on school district transportation. Masks will be encouraged, but not required, on school campuses.

Hand sanitizer will be available in all areas of school campuses, and students will get a temperature check upon entering school.

In addition, social distancing will be practiced as much as possible in classrooms, cafeterias, gyms, and other common areas, and there will be one-way traffic in school hallways.