Incarcerated Women Share Horror Tales From The Dark Side

Pamela Winn commited a white collar crime and was sentenced to 78 months to a Federal Prison in Georgia. One night she was awaken by painful cramps, as she tried to drink water – believing it was because she was dehydrated. The cramping got worse. Before it was all over, she felt “a gush,” but because it was dark she couldn’t see what it was.

Winn woke up the woman who was sharing a room with her; that woman, along with the other women on the floor, tried to scream and bang on the doors to get the guards’ attention. Winn said it wasn’t until about 2 a.m. the next morning that someone finally checked on them. When they opened the door, there was blood everywhere.

Her story is a heart-gripping one, which positioned her to make real change for women like her by being a key person in the passage of the First Step Act in 2018. She helped facilitate the unanimous passage of HB345, putting an end to the shackling and solitary confinement of pregnant or postpartum women who are incarcerated in Georgia. CNN’s Van Jones, Ava Duvernay and Oprah has more..