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"I'm not worried": Pretty girl Saweetie talks building an empire and gaining respect as an artist

Brandon Almengo

Saweetie‘s highly-anticipated debut, Pretty B**** Music, arrives later this year. The Bay Area rapper is looking forward to building her empire dedicated to beauty, fashion, and Pretty girl anthems, including the latest, “Tap In.”

As the first in her family to attend college, Saweetie credits her USC bachelor’s degree in communications for her savvy business mindset.

“College really molded my mind into a businesswoman. I feel like that’s really important for artists because a lot of artists don’t know their business,” she shared as Maxim‘s July/August issue cover star. “I always wanted to be in beauty, I always wanted to be in fashion, I always wanted to be on TV, but you can’t pursue all of these things at once.” 

The “baby hair princess” recently announced her hair collaboration for KISS’ new edge control, as she strives to be bosses like her idols Jay-Z and Beyoncé, who exude Black excellence.

As she prepares to executive-produce her upcoming album, Saweetie admits she’s still working on gaining respect as an artist — but she’s up for the challenge.

“Pressure is more my friend [be]cause it makes me a better artist. For me, it’s fine[be]cause I like a challenge,” she says. “The more I record, anyway, the better I get. I’m not worried.”

By Rachel George 
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