Mike Burke

Ice Cube Says Warner Bros Is Guilty of Discrimination


After his recent thrust into Black (political) leadership, it looks like the American entertainer Ice Cube is still striving to make bombastic moves. This time, check out his courage in a feud with Warner Bros studios. It’s all about the latest installment of the “Friday” Franchise. In the thick of script and property right riffs, Warner Bros told Ice Cube try again – it ain’t funny and it don’t quite hit the mark. But like the late 1960s TV show “Get Smart” character Agent 86, Ice Cube said that’s just the old ‘holding off’ productions trick.

As reported by WSJ “Ice Cube wants Warner Bros., owned by AT&T Inc., to surrender its rights to the ‘Friday’ property and to two other movies he made there — ‘All About the Benjamins’ and ‘The Players Club.’ Warner Bros. replied, calling the demand ‘extortionate’ and saying it won’t release rights to the valuable franchise or any other Ice Cube movies.”