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“I got really beside myself”: Macy Gray opens up about career struggles early on

Daniel Zuchnik/FilmMagic

(NOTE LANGUAGE) Soul singer Macy Gray recently opened up to People about her personal struggles at the start of her music career. 

Ahead of the release of her upcoming 11th studio album, The Reset, which is due out next month, Gray spoke candidly about her sudden success early on and the many challenges that came with it. 

“I got really beside myself for a long time. I was suddenly really wealthy, and I had a lot of people wanting to be my friend,” she told People. “I was just a real a**h****. I was having a blast, [but] eventually it will make you lonely and miserable, especially if you’re drinking every night and doing all kinds of crazy stuff.”

Gray says that while she’s been “totally sober” for many years, the rush of fame and fortune was a lot to bear as a highly successful music artist. 

“I think it was just seeing it for myself that I couldn’t just do whatever I want and get whatever I want. Figuring all that out took a long time,” she said. 

Speaking on her relationship status as a single woman, the influential singer says she isn’t a fan of dating, noting, “I figure I’ll run into somebody and they’ll really light my fire, and then I’ll have no choice.”

The “Sweet Baby” singer says she’s excited to hit the road in May in support of The Reset, which she says is the first album she actually wanted to make since her music debut in the late ’90s. 

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