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Husband and wife Tina and Teddy Campbell celebrate the holidays with ‘A Married Christmas’

Gee Tree Creative

Tina Campbell and her husband, Teddy, have been married 21 years, and Friday, they released first holiday album, A Married Christmas, featuring their new single, “Ask Away.”

The couple wrote and executive-produced the album through their own label, Gee Tree Creative. Tina says the music is designed for couples to bring out the love in their relationships during the holidays.

“Christmas time is for the family, it’s for the extended family, it’s for the kids. And husband [and] wife get lost in the shuffle. And in January, they’re trying to find a way back to each other,” she maintains. “It’s like, ‘No, y’all be each other’s Christmas gift. Do that. It’ll bless the kids.”

The five-time Grammy winner, who began her career singing with her sister Erica Campbell as the duo Mary Mary, hopes the album inspires more spice in their fans’ love lives.

“My husband and I are grateful to be able to encourage romantic love amongst people, amongst married people,” Tina adds. “Everybody think, like, your love life ain’t poppin’ unless you in an affair.  I’m like, ‘I beg to differ.'”

The Campbells have five children, and for Christmas, they will be joined by a large group of over 30 family members. Tina says they always focus on what they consider the true meaning of the holiday.

“It starts with our family, our household. Our kids come into our room. We pray first, and we thank God for the real reason for this holiday, which is the birth of Jesus,” Campbell explains. “We believe in Jesus. He is our savior, and so we thank God for that first.”

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