Hundreds of fish found dead in Boca Raton lake


Hundred of dead fish washed ashore in a Boca Raton neighborhood last week, leaving a fishy smell and a handful of unanswered questions.

Neighbors in the Boca Square community say the dead fish started accumulating near the lake on Thursday night, and by Saturday there were hundreds of dead fish piled near the shoreline.

Residents were forced to stay inside and close all windows as the stench reached every corner of the community.

The City of Boca Raton sent staff members to the lake to assist with the dead fish, but residents say they want the water to be tested further.

Concerned neighbors emailed local leaders and forwarded CBS12 a response from Thomas Warner, stormwater Operations Manager with the City of Boca Raton, Municipal Services Department that read:

The City with the expertise of Allstate Resource Management has made the conclusion that the low oxygen levels in the lake (2 ppm) is the root cause of the fish kill. The City is looking into long-term solutions. We have scheduled Allstate Resource Management to clean up the existing dead fish in the lake on Monday, 6/21. We are sorry for the great inconvenience and will keep you updated on the future progress of our long-term mitigation assessment.

CBS12 News stopped by the lake on Sunday to assess the lake, and dead fish were still floating atop the water, however, nearby birds and other animals have helped clean up the area.