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Hubbard Helps Hawaii


The American Red Cross has long stood as a beacon of hope and support during times of disaster, and today, as Hawaii confronts the devastating aftermath of widespread wildfires, their role has never been more critical. These wildfires, fueled by changing climate conditions and prolonged droughts, have wreaked havoc on local communities, destroying homes, displacing families, and threatening the unique ecosystems of the islands. Monetary donations to the American Red Cross are crucial in these trying times, as they directly facilitate immediate relief and long-term recovery efforts. Every dollar contributed goes toward providing shelter, food, medical care, and emotional support to those affected, as well as rebuilding and fortifying infrastructure to prevent future disasters. As the needs escalate in the wake of such calamities, it’s imperative for individuals, businesses, and governments alike to rally behind organizations like the Red Cross and empower them to continue their noble mission of aiding those in dire need.

Help people affected by the Hawaii wildfires. Your donation enables the Red Cross to prepare for, respond to, and help people recover from these disasters.

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