How To Apply For Assistance As “FPL” Resumes Disconnections!

Thousands of FPL customers could soon be left in the dark after the company announced plans to resume disconnections for those who are behind on paying their bill.

There are several options available for customers to receive financial assistance however, “they must reach out for help”, FPL spokesman Chris McGrath explained.

“Most of our customer who are past due on their FPL bills have not reach out to us for help and our message continues to be really, we are here to help, we know how disruptive Covid- 19 is and continues to be and we are committed to doing everything we can to help.”

Since the pandemic, the company has launched a new credit program where customers can receive up to $200 towards their bill.
Another option is the Care To Share program which provides payment assistance through local agencies. This initiative has been expanded to support more customers.

There’s also a program specifically for low income families which provides help through federal dollars.

In addition to the programs available, the company is also offering payment extensions and waiving late fees.

To learn more about how to apply for financial assistance call 800-226-3545 or visit fpl.com/help.