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Hosea Chanchez scolds Black celebrities and business owners for promoting events during the pandemic

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Hosea Chanchez has a bone to pick with his fellow celebrities.

In a series of tweets over the weekend, The Game star called out “black celebrities, restaurant, club, hookah and strip club owners” for their lack of responsibility during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Wake the [heck] up!,” Chanchez wrote. “Stop leading your people to the slaughter at the hands of this virus to gain profit and service your ego! You are facilitating MASS extinction in OUR communities. This must stop.”

After rebuking those creating the superspreader events, Chanchez spoke directly to those who attended them.

“To the patrons of these places, these ‘celebrities’ hosting those events don’t give two [pennies] about YOU or your family,” he tweeted. “They are only there to make money, spread the virus, feed their egos, and go back to their mansions with premium healthcare. THIS IS A TRAP!”

Chanchez concluded his message by asking for more “accountability” within the community.

“Accountability lies beyond governors and governments when it comes to protecting OUR people,” he declared. “WE must be responsible for our health and families safety. MASS extinction from SUPER SPREADER events is at the hands of our OWN people. Stop this madness, protect US and STAY to [butt] inside!”

Fans were quick to applaud the actor for his candid comments about the spread of COVID-19, which to date has claimed the lives of more than 419,000 Americans.

“I’m glad someone said it,” wrote one fan.

“Thank you, Brotha!!!,” shared another. “You’ve said a mouthful and I hope the members of OUR community heed the warning.”

Chanchez’s critique comes after rapper Bow Wow recently received backlash after videos surfaced online of him performing to a packed club in Houston, TX. Bow Wow later addressed fans, tweeting he wasn’t working, but simply supporting his friend’s birthday.

By Candice Williams
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