Featured | Trey Brazier

Hello South Florida, My Name Is Trey Brazier


Now that we got the introduction out of the way let me tell you about myself.


I was hired here in West Palm Beach just yesterday,  as Assistant Program Director, Community and Brand Ambassador.


My job is to continue to connect the community with the radio station.


You are going to see me out in the streets at various places building a relationship with YOU the listeners!


You’ll also hear me everyday with “The Culture Report”  during NaySimone and Mark Mcrazy’s show.


I’m a November Scorpio, born and raised in Chicago, Illinois.


I’m a diehard Chicago Bears, Bulls, Cubs and White Sox fan.


I’m very sarcastic, fun and goofy.


My favorite food is Mexican!


If there are tacos and margaritas there, you already got me!


For the past 20 years on the air, I have gone by “Trey the Choklit Jok”


I’ve spent the past 7 years in Texas and I am so excited to kick off the new year right here in South Florida!


I look forward to meeting you all!


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