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Helena Howard says her new Quibi drama 'Don't Look Deeper' was a "fascinating, progressive, insane" experience

Courtesy of Quibi

Helena Howard is stepping into uncharted territory with her new futuristic Quibi drama, Don’t Look Deeper.

In the series, Howard plays Aisha, a high school student who discovers she’s not actually human. Howard tells ABC Audio that she was hooked on her mysterious character and the unpredictable story as soon she saw the script.

“From the moment I got the script, to going on set, it was just a journey of fascinating, progressive, insane, like fun things happening all around me,” she says. “I was like a kid in a candy store with all of these like cool prosthetics and stunts and like camera workings.”

And it wasn’t just the “cool script” that made Howard’s daunting and complex role worthwhile, the young actress says it was “all the amazing actors,” studio heads and even the director, Catherine Hardwicke, who also deserve the credit.

Still, even with an unconventional character like Aisha, Howard admits she did have her own preconceived notions about her and her journey of self-discovery. Thankfully, Howard says, those ideas were quickly pushed aside once she got to see the full picture.

“You always have an idea of how something’s going to play out. But then, it happens,” she says. “And it’s even better than what you imagine.”

Don’t Look Deeper, also starring Don Cheadle and Emily Mortimer, is now available to watch on Quibi.

By Candice Williams
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