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Heidi Klum and Snoop Dogg release new music video

Max Montgomery

Yes, you read that correctly…rapper Snoop Dogg and supermodel Heidi Klum have teamed up for an upbeat, catchy dance track, “Chai Tea with Heidi.”

In the video for the new song, which dropped Thursday, Snoop can be seen dancing and bopping alongside Klum, who sings the hook of the tune.

“When I give my heart again, I know it’s gonna last forever/ No one tell me where or when, I know it’s gonna last forever,” the model sings.

“It was truly an honor to collaborate with so many amazing people to create this fun and upbeat music video,” said Klum. “I am still pinching myself to make sure this really happened.”

The 48-year-old model teased the new song and video many times on her Instagram, including a February behind-the-scenes post captioned, “Cant wait for my turn.”

“I love stepping outside of my comfort zone and challenging myself, so it was something I was definitely considering,” Klum said about the song in an interview with the New York Post. “I am a huge Snoop Dogg fan and I figured I needed to go big or go home.”

The fun dance track marks Klum’s first since her 2006 holiday tune, “Wonderland.”

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