The Notorious P.I.G. Rap Battle Scene – SPACE JAM 2: A NEW LEGACY (2021) Movie Clip

Watch the official “Porky’s Pig Rap” clip from Space Jam: A New Legacy! In theaters and streaming on HBO Max July 16, 20

Space Jam 2 is facing serious backlash after a clip of Porky Pig and Don Cheadle having a rap battle surfaced.

In the clip, Porky turns into the Notorious P.I.G., and even dresses like the famous rapper with Daffy Duck serving as his hype man.

Social media went crazy after the clip surfaced with some saying they’d be watching Boss Baby 2 instead of the basketball film.

One fan tweeted: “At first, I thought Space Jam 2 was just going to be a bad blockbuster,” wrote one fan on Twitter. “But now I’m thinking … this thing might be BAD. This might be 2021’s answer toBaby Geniuses 2. WB may be sitting on one of those movies that goes down forever on the shortlist of the worst of all time.”

Another fan didn’t seem so happy: “I wanted to take my niece to go see Space Jam 2, more so so I could see it as a tribute to a movie that formed my childhood and love for hoops and MJ, but after watching “Notorious P.I.G” rap…Boss Baby 2 it is.”

Does the Notorious P.I.G. scene spoil it for you? Are you going to see Space Jam 2?