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He Is Being Touted As The Next Host of Jeopardy

Who Is LaVar Burton ?

As fans continue to mourn the loss of one of television’s most iconic figures, “Jeopardy” host Alex Trebek, many also have engaged in an online discussion about who could serve as the show’s next host. One name that continues to be brought up as a replacement for Trebek, who on Nov. 8 lost his battle with pancreatic cancer at age 80, is Hollywood vet LeVar Burton 

Folks have been championing for the “Roots” star to take over, including through a change.org petition that has more than 9,500 signatures of the 10,000 requested. There’s also currently a forum on Reddit— which was created eight months ago — that lays out four reasons why Burton should be the next “Jeopardy!” host, including the fact that he’s been on “Star Trek,” claiming that nerds love him.