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HBCU Official Apologizes For Recruiting White Player That Used The N-Word

two american football players tackle silhouette
two american football players tackle in silhouette shadow on white background

After much backlash, officials at Albany State University an HBCU, is apologizing and revoking their scholarship offer from an all-star white player for using the N-word.   Marcus Stokes received a scholarship to play at The University Of Florida but lost it singing demeaning lyrics to a hip-hop song. He was then picked up by Albany State but now school officials are revoking the scholarship. In a lengthy apology, school officials released this statement in part:  

“I didn’t uphold the Ramily standard that I know you expect. Please know that my decision to speak with a student that did not meet your expectations was unacceptable. I only wanted the best for our team, athletes, and institution when I invited the student to visit ASU.”

  According to his Twitter, Stokes has since received interest from another HBCU, Alabama A&M, and West Florida.  

  I don’t condone anyone using that word,  but at the same time hip-hop is music enjoyed by athletes of all ages and while he should have used better judgment repeating the lyrics to the song in a video, that’s not a good reason to stop his education and opportunities.   Let him learn from his mistake, and move on.