Happy Fat Tuesday! Midday Breakroom Doors Open…Hang out with me until 3pm

Happy Fat Tuesday,

Welcome to the Midday Breakroom where you get good music and little gossip and a break from the montony of work.

It is too early for a Margarita? I mean it is  happy hour somewhere, right?

While we don’t need much of an excuse to have a margarita. Do you know the black history behind it? Check out this video:

Brief History Lesson Of Mardi Gras

Would love to know who’s hanging in the breakroom. Simply shout out your name and where you work so I can say hello to you

Let’s get this day started with a message to keep you lifted:

Your mind will always believe everything you feed it.

Feed it faith.

Feed it truth. 

Feed it love. 






Word On The Curb: Thursday, August 16th “Kandi Burrus Has A New Make-Up Line; Basketball Wives Tami Roman Leaves Reunion Taping; Sheree Whitfield Isn’t Marrying Her Prison Bae Anytime Soon.” Happy Thursday Co-Workers! The Midday Breakroom Doors Are Now. Let’s Hangout Until 3PM… Word On The Curb: Wednesday, August 15th “Queen Latifah Will Host Black Girls Rock; Usher Has To Hand Over His Medical Records; Tyrese Gibson Says He Can’t Work Because Of His Domestic Violence Case.” Ever wander why some people always get bit by mosquito’s and others don’t? Here’s why…. Happy Wednesday Co-Workers! The Midday Breakroom Doors Are Now Open! Let’s Hangout Until 3pm… Word On The Curb: Tuesday, August 14th “Taraji P. Hensen Launches Foundation to Deal with Mental Health; Singer Stephanie Mills Checks Sam Smith Over His Recents Comments About The Late Michael Jackson.”