Haiti police arrest alleged mastermind of president’s assassination

In Haiti, police say they have arrested one of the masterminds behind the assassination of president Jovenel Moise. Moise was gunned down at his home last week. Officials suspect that the arrested man wanted to oust the president and take over himself as head of the country. Police have identified the suspect as a Haitian national. Other reports say the man was US resident. Police had already arrested a number of Haitians and Columbians suspected of being part of the assassination unit responsible for last week’s killing of President Jovenel Moise. But many questions remain. A team of US agents arrived in Haiti on Sunday, meeting with central members of Haiti’s government. Church leaders on Sunday asked for calm and told people to remain strong. Moise’s assassination has created a power vacuum and confusion over who is Haiti’s legitimate leader. Haiti was in bad shape before the president’s assassination. It’s plagued by gang violence and corruption. And Haitians live in crushing poverty. Quiet streets in the capital Port au Prince on Sunday mark a contrast to the ongoing political turmoil.