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Great News “The Homeless Population” Is Getting Help To Get Their “Stimulus Checks”

Dozens of homeless people are getting a hand to receive their stimulus checks from the federal government.

At an event Friday morning at St. Ann Place Homeless Outreach Center in West Palm Beach, they received help from United Way, Legal Aid Society, and Palm Beach County Community Services to fill out tax returns and apply for federal stimulus checks.

According to one of the organizers, the homeless individuals will receive the $1200 stimulus check that Americans received in April 2020 and also the $600 stimulus check that the government sent out in December 2020. They should get a check for those amounts totaling $1800 in about a month.

And they’ll get the $1400 stimulus check, which is the third round of stimulus payments, at some point later this year.

The county has a homeless outreach team that will work with the homeless to try to see that they spend the money on housing, and Palm Beach County Community Services Department has a list of properties where they could rent an apartment or room, with the goal of getting them a place to live.

Since few of these people have a bank account, the stimulus checks will be sent to the St. Ann Homeless Outreach Center, 2107 North Dixie Highway, and they can pick them up there when they are there for meals.