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“Grant” Website Helps “Struggling Businesses” During “Pandemic”!


The pandemic is not only affecting for profit business, but many nonprofits feel they’ve been forgotten in terms of funds. Using the website,, many business are finding the way to obtain much needed income. is a database of grants for businesses, profit and nonprofit, in several states. For some, it’s the key to helping these organizations, many which rely solely on donations, survive.

Libby Hikind, founder of GrantWatch, says there is money out there and puts needy organizations in touch with philanthropic companies that already have money set aside to support causes even during COVID-19.

The T. Leroy Jefferson Medical Society is an example of an organization in Palm Beach County that relies on grants.

Laurel Dalton, Executive Director of the T. Leroy Jefferson Medical Society says Palm Beach County is in urgent need of more healthcare professionals. Dalton says grants are important because they help organizations address timely issues. During these tough financial times, Dalton says grant money is also helping the organization with operating costs.