“Gov. Ron DeSantis” Talks About Statewide “Mask Mandate”!


When asked why Florida has not seen a statewide mandatory mask mandate, Gov. Ron DeSantis said he believes “you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar.”

The governor told reporters during a news conference in Orlando that he believes when people get ordered to do something they are less likely to do it.

“When you attach criminal penalties for something, you gotta enforce it,” DeSantis said. “The question is: in some of the parts of Florida is that really a good use of resources?”

DeSantis says it is important to maintain good hygiene as well as maintain social distancing. Recently, the Florida Surgeon General emphasized people should wear a mask where it is not possible to maintain six feet apart.

Some counties in Florida have passed mandatory mask mandates, including Hillsborough County and Palm Beach County. DeSantis says he has empowered local governments to enforce policies that fit their communities.

As of Tuesday afternoon, Florida has a total of 103,503 total cases of coronavirus.