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Gospel legend Fred Hammond reveals he tested COVID-19 positive

Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images for BET

Gospel musician Fred Hammond has revealed he contracted COVID-19. 

Over the weekend, the Grammy-winning artist shared a four-minute video on Instagram, explaining he tested positive after receiving his results from a same-day test last Monday, November 9th.

Hammond said he was in day five of his 14-day quarantine, after letting his guard down once to attend an event, where he believes he contracted the virus. 

“I’m a mask wearer, but I let it down [and] my guard down in one place,” he recalled. A couple of other family members also tested positive and one had to be rushed to the hospital but they are out now and…recuperating.”

The 59-year-old soloist and member of Commissioned said he has three doctors on speed dial at all times to ask any questions he may have. 

“The good thing is if this happened last year on the Commissioned tour, I probably wouldn’t have made it because I was really sick,” he said. 

Hammond expects to make a full recovery and asks for prayers for himself, as well as the more than 246,000  people who have died from COVID-19 in the U.S., noting he, too, “lost several friends.” 

“But I still have good hope,” he continued, explaining his daily regime of vitamins, green tea and following other instructions given to him by his doctor. 

“I’m feeling better every day. Keep us in your prayers,” Hammond says.

Hammond concludes his post asking his fans to “be diligent and vigilant” about wearing masks…”because it’s out here. We gotta take care of ourselves.”

By Rachel George
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