Gorilla Glue skit on SNL featuring Regina King.

We all know the story of Tessica Brown. She was the young lady who mistakenly put gorilla glue in her hair. She had to cut her hair and also go to the hospital to have the physician’s remove it. Her story went viral all over the internet. A GoFundMe page was created where she received over $20k to help remove the gorilla glue from her hair.

To make matters worse, many people on social media made fun of her and claim she did it all for clout.  SNL did a skit on the gorilla glue featuring Regina King.

Tessica Brown stated the whole situation affected her mental health. From the name bashing and her situation being made fun of on television.

Tessica did however donate $20 of her GoFundMe money to those who needed plastic surgery.

I can’t even begin to understand what she’s been through.