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Giveon explains "the magic" behind his debut EP, 'Take Time'

Courtesy of Giveon

Fans just can’t get enough of rising vocalist Giveon and his debut EP, Take Time. 

The eight-song EP was released earlier this year, inspired by his personal experiences with love and other stories shared with him by friends. In a recent interview with sneaker publication, GOAT, Giveon says, “That’s the magic of it.”

“It seems like love is a pain point for a lot of people,” says Giveon. “When I’m talking to friends and we’re just expressing ourselves, I don’t necessarily tell them to talk about love. They could be stressed about work, with family, etc., but it always ends up coming back to, ‘Yo, this girl’s making me feel this way. This guy is making me feel this way.’”

He says “anyone can relate” to his music, “no matter the social status, no matter the level of success or fame or anything.”

“Love is what evens the playing field, pretty much,” Giveon continues. “No matter how rich you are, you still get your heartbroken.”

Writing Take Time was “literally therapeutic” for Giveon but he now understands there needs to be action behind his words. “I have to go out and live first,” he explains. “I can’t just sit in a room with a blank page and try to just make experiences that I write about.”

The “Stuck On You” singer used that same approach for his latest EP, When It’s All Said And Done.

“It’s the same thought processes of the motions that people go through after a situation,” Giveon says. “And I think I’ll probably always just take that approach when it comes to just making a body of work. Luckily with the pandemic, the whole world slowed down, but relationships and everything didn’t.”

When It’s All Said And Done is out now.

By Rachel George
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