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Gabrielle Union calls out Terry Crews for not being an ally after her 'AGT' firing

Eric Lars Bakke / ESPN Images

Gabrielle Union is speaking out about her former colleague, America’s Got Talent host Terry Crews, who she says did not support her after she was fired following her complaint of a racist and “toxic” work culture on the set. 

In an interview on Jemele Hill Is Unbothered podcast, Union addressed Crews’ comments about her firing, where he praised AGT‘s network, NBC, saying he had a positive experience.

“People hit me all day long and are like, what’s happening? And the only thing I know for sure is that Terry Crews gets three checks from NBC. So, I don’t know if being worried about job stability — which listen, we all know that if you speak up about racism and white supremacy, you absolutely can be shown the door,” Union speculated. “I don’t know if that’s the motivation.”

Union asserted that “based on [Crews] recent actions,” which included his tweets on “black supremacy,” his past behavior shouldn’t have been a surprise. 

“I think Terry Crews is showing us who he is and what he does during times of adversity and it’s not solidarity,” she said.

She also noted that Crews could have taken the high road when asked about her experience on set.

“If you didn’t have my experience… you also have an option to say, ‘I believe Gab, I just had a different experience,’” Union said. “You don’t have to do a press tour where your sole objective is to discredit and malign me…There’s very little that surprises me, but that was very disappointing for sure.”

Union says that her decision to speak up about the toxicity will help NBC be “more fair and equitable” and ultimately help people like Crews. She added that with her recent discrimination lawsuit against NBC, Crews may “regret” his decision to not support her.

By Candice Williams
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