Mike Burke

Free Covid19 Testing Sites In Palm Beach County


Deaths rose by 1,266 in the state over seven days (a daily average of 181) for 15.5 percent and in Palm Beach County it was 6`1 for 6.1 percent. Two months ago the one-week U.S. figure was in the mid 200s. The U.S. figure is 4.5 percent with the world at 5.3 percent.

Less than two months ago there were 3,021 deaths. And it passed 5,000 on July 20. For FREE testing sites in Palm Beach County click more (Below)

Testing in Florida:

  • Total Tests: 4,239,309
  • Positive: 573,416
  • Negative: 3,659,212
  • Overall Percentage of Positive Cases: 13.53%      more