Mark McCrazy

Former Palm Beach County schools superintendent resigned after losing 50 pounds, collapsing during pandemic

Donald Fennoy made a life-altering decision as he stood back and watched his 66-year-old father and 12-year-old son continue the family tradition of working on a car. With his aging parents and young children, he needed more time with them and less time interacting with other people’s parents and children. Covid-19 pandemic combined with divisive politics at school board meetings was too much to bear.

Two weeks later, in July 2021, the school superintendent of Palm Beach County, Florida, submitted his resignation letter and gained a new perspective.

As soon as Fennoy took a step back and had time to sleep, not answer the phone nonstop, and spend time with her children, she realized she had arrived somewhere new. Some of the scenes were extremely depressing.

A growing number of school superintendents have been stepping down since the beginning of the pandemic, despite the fact that their expertise and leadership are desperately needed.

Three years earlier, Fennoy had been awarded “the greatest job ever” by winning the election to Congress. He was the nation’s 10th-largest school district’s youngest and first black superintendent.