Former Miami Dolphins Player Kendrick Norton Opens Up About His New Life As an Amputee Inspiring New Video

Last month, Miami Dolphins draft pick Kendrick Norton lost his arm in a terrible car crash.

Now, the 22-year-old is sharing what his new life is like as an amputee in an inspiring new video showcasing his daily cleaning regimen.

via TMZ:

Kendrick says he refuses to cry about the accident and the subsequent loss of his NFL career — explaining, “Ain’t no point in crying every day and being sad and stuff. Still got stuff to be done.”

The good news … Kendrick says his other injuries (mostly road rash wounds) are healing nicely and doesn’t seem to be in pain.

His girlfriend, Kira, says she suffered internal bleeding from the crash — but insists she’s doing well now.

Kendrick says some of his daily tasks take longer to perform due to his amputated arm — and admits it’s frustrating — but his attitude is remarkably positive.

“Don’t worry about me too much,” Kendrick says … noting he’s going to be okay and he’s not suicidal.

He even gave a message to some of his fellow amputees who are looking up to him as a role model …

“Don’t let what people say determine how you feel about yourself … that’s word to the wise for everybody.”