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“For this child I prayed”: gospel singer Tasha Cobbs welcomes baby boy via adoption

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

In an exclusive spread for People, Tasha Cobbs-Leonard opened up about her adoption journey and life with new son, Asher.

The 40-year-old gospel singer introduced Asher to the world in an Instagram post two days ago that included pictures from recent family photo shoot. “…Because of You I have found a love that cannot be explained,” the singer said. “You are our gift! You are the manifestation of God’s Kindness, Favor and Mercy towards us!”

In the People article, Cobbs shares personal details about her difficult journey to parenthood, including the struggle she and producer-husband Kenneth endured with infertility and in vitro fertilization.

“We were trying to kind of figure out which ways would make it work and throughout going throughout it, all of those ways ended up not working for us. And our faith was tested,” Kenneth told People. “One of the things that I’m really happy for is that at the end of that process, our hearts were still open to God doing this, how he chose to do it.”

Asher became the sixth member of the Leonard family, which include three of Kenneth’s children from a previous marriage. The couple told People the siblings “are so in love with their baby brother.”

The Grammy-winning artist says she is sharing her story with hopes it’ll encourage people who may endure the same pregnancy struggle to “keep the faith.”

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