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Florida’s First-Ever “Freedom Week” Is Underway!

From July 1 until July 7, you’ll pay less sales tax for tickets to things like concerts, movies, and sporting events, as long as they will be held between now and December 31.


long list of outdoor recreational items like sunscreen, water bottles, bikes, kayaks, paddleboards, and fishing and camping supplies are also included.

Even though Freedom Week is similar to Florida’s other tax holidays, there are some big differences and some possible bumps in the road.

Darry Jackson, the Co-President of Bill Jackson’s in Pinellas Park, an outdoor sporting goods store in Pinellas Park.

For example, a cooler during Disaster Preparedness is sales-tax exempt, as long as it is $60 or less. If the cooler is more than $60, you’ll pay sales tax on the whole thing.

“Very easy. Either taxed or non-taxed,” said Schilling.

But for Freedom Week, things are a bit different.

Let’s use the cooler example again. For this holiday, the first $75 dollars of a cooler are sales tax-exempt. If the cooler is more than $75 dollars, the remaining portion will be taxed, so you’re still saving a little money.