“Florida” Set To Reach “100,000 COVID-19” Cases By Monday!


Florida could be the next coronavirus epicenter in the U.S.

As of Monday morning, the number of total cases inched closer to reaching the 100,000 mark.

For several consecutive days, Florida has reported at least 3,000 new cases.

Governor Ron DeSantis addressed the rising numbers during a news conference on Saturday in Tallahassee.

He blamed the increase on expanded testing and added that most new infections are people without symptoms, younger than when the pandemic began and those less vulnerable to the disease.

The spike in numbers has some residents and local lawmakers pushing to do more when it comes to slowing its spread.

DeSantis, however, said he will not issue a mandatory statewide rule to wear masks. Instead, he’ll leave it up to local governments to make the call.

In Palm Beach County, commissioners will consider mandatory face masks on Tuesday. It would require people to wear masks in all public buildings and businesses. As of now, they’re only required to be worn in government buildings and on buses.

Larger cities in Florida like Miami, Tampa, and Orlando have already made face masks mandatory.