Mark McCrazy

Florida Police Arrest Man Planning To Murder 100 In Mass Shooting

Tristan Scott Wix was arrested in Daytona Beach Shores, Florida yesterday after his girlfriend told the local police that her psycho ex was planning to murder 100 people.

According to Daily  Mail, Wix had a hunting rifle with 400 rounds of ammunition on deck. He told his unidentified lover that he wanted to set the world record.

The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office said Wix expressed his desire to ‘break a world record for longest (sic) confirmed kill ever’, allegedly writing ‘a good 100 kills would be nice’.

This son-of-a-b!tc# really thinks life is a Call of Duty game as he also told the girlfriend that he wanted to die and have fun doing it. Police say that Wix had already chosen a location for his attack but did not reveal it, likely for fear of copycats.