Florida lawmakers consider bill that will let parents hold their kids back a grade


A bill being considered by Florida lawmakers this legislative session would give parents the right to hold their kids back a grade.

Most districts in South Florida at least started the school year off with virtual learning, and Senator Lori Berman feels like that’s set some students back.

Nationwide in 2020, schools saw dips in grades as students had to learn online.

Senator Berman feels like kids should have the chance to make up for what they may have missed on the computer.

Her bill, SB 200, would allow parents of elementary schoolers to selectively hold their kids back a grade so that they don’t get even further behind in school next year.

Many districts will have summer school to make up for virtual learning struggles, so Senator Berman sees holding kids back as a last resort.

“For those students that just can’t get up to promotion level, this is a last-ditch effort for them, a last resort, and I hope that they can take advantage and benefit academically,” said Senator Berman.

If passed, the law would only apply to this school year.

Senator Berman says the bill has been received well by fellow lawmakers and should pass this legislative session.

Berman doesn’t think there will be a tsunami of people taking advantage of this, but she hopes it can help the few families that do take advantage.