“Florida” Getting 6.4 Million Rapid “Coronavirus” Testing Kits!

Gov. DeSantis said the state of Florida will be rolling out millions of new rapid antigen tests to the state’s most vulnerable populations at nursing homes, long-term care centers, and retirement homes.

DeSantis said Florida is receiving 6.4 million tests on top of what the federal government is shipping out. They come in a box and do not need a lab to analyze, but a nurse has to administer it.

“It is a swab that goes in both nostrils but not one of the swabs that gets up in your brain,” said the governor at a news conference Tuesday morning at BayCare’s Morton Plant Hospital in Clearwater.

Results are back in 15 minutes.

“It’s almost like a pregnancy test,” said DeSantis.

And it’s more accurate than other testing, the governor said.

“If you’re positive, you’re positive, I don’t think it’ll have a lot of false positives,” said DeSantis.

The news comes on a day where the Florida Department of Health reported 704,568 coronavirus infections in the state, an increase of more than 3,200 cases from the day before, to go along with 14,313 deaths.