Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz Blasted On Twitter After Complaining About Howard University’s Payment Stimulus Package Payment.

Black Twitter is apparently clapping back at Florida congressman Matt Gaetz who complained in a Twitter post about Howard University getting $13 million in emergency funds from the $2 trillion stimulus package approved by the Senate Wednesday night.
Gaetz, a Republican, found it unfair that Howard University got funding that he felt should be going instead to various families.

But lawmakers like California Sen. Kamala Harris and, North Carolina Rep. Alma Adams are leading the clapback pointing out to Gaetz that Howard University is a federally chartered institution, meaning it was designated by Congress in 1867 to serve the educational needs of enslaved Blacks who had been freed after the Civil War. It is thus eligible for funding and support from the federal government.

Galludet University, also in Washington D.C., received a similar designation in 1864.

Further, Howard University Hospital is one of several designated treatment centers for COVID-19 in Washington and would receive much needed funds to function.

Harris, a Howard alumnus questioned why Gaetz would have a problem with Howard getting federal money.

The stimulus package also includes the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, which received $25 million and $75 million for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which helps to fund PBS stations, and $60 million for NASA.

Interestingly enough, Gaetz had nothing to say about those institutions receiving funding from the stimulus package.