“Florida” Adds More Than 3,000 “New Cases” Of “Coronavirus”!


Florida added more than 3,200 new cases of coronavirus to its totals on Tuesday.

The Florida Department of Health reported 103,503 cases of coronavirus in the state, an increase of 3,286 from the day before.

The state reported 65 additional deaths to bring the statewide total to 3,238.

Florida is averaging more than 3,300 new cases a day in the past seven days, with a record 4,049 new cases on June 20.

Palm Beach County is up to 11,180 cases of coronavirus with 476 deaths. The county is debating whether to make face masks mandatory to help slow the spread of the virus.

Martin County is up to 1,611 cases of coronavirus with 22 deaths.

St. Lucie County has 1,249 cases of coronavirus with 42 deaths.

Indian River County is up to 422 cases of coronavirus and 15 deaths.

Okeechobee County has 256 cases of coronavirus with no reported deaths.