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“Fireworks Sales” See Booming Business Because Of “Coronavirus”!


More families will be celebrating the July Fourth weekend at home because of the coronavirus, which has caused fireworks sales to skyrocket.

Employees at Sky King fireworks in West Palm Beach have been working around the clock, unloading trucks and keeping the shelves stocked for customers.

The owners said due to the increase in sales they have been able to hire more people who were hit financially by the pandemic

“Sales have been great all year. People actually shopped early because of all the stuff that’s going on because they wanted to avoid the late minute rushes, so we’ve actually been really strong going into the holiday,” said Tom Gregor, the co-owner of Sky King Fireworks.

If you still need to purchase fireworks for the holiday, the store is offering specials and discounts on its entire inventory.

Sky King Fireworks is located near West Palm Beach at 235 S Military Trail.