Federal “Unemployment” Benefits To “Expire” In Weeks!

Out-of-work Floridians are about to take another big hit when federal unemployment benefits expire at the end of July.

However, those receiving the $600 a week benefit from the federal government will actually see those benefits end sooner. The last payment in Florida will be the weekend prior, because of the way the state sends out its unemployment checks.

That means it is important to start preparing and budgeting now for that cut in your income.

You’ll still receive your state benefits of $275 a week.

Right now it is not clear whether those federal benefits will be extended. The House passed the HEROES Act, which would extend the $600 a week through the end of the year, but the measure is not expected to make it through the Senate.

A new relief bill will likely be top of mind when senators return from recess July 20.