“FBI” Warns Of “Scammers” Using Fake Antibody Tests To “Steal Information”!


Scammers are taking advantage of the coronavirus pandemic to trick people into giving up their money and personal information.

The FBI issued a warning about potential fraud related to antibody tests.

According to the Better Business Bureau, potential victims will receive a robocall or they’re directed to a website that looks like a legitimate medical supply company offering COVID-19 tests.

The fraudsters are then selling fake test kits which not only provide inaccurate results but they’re also stealing your personal information along the way by requiring you to fill out an online form or asking for credit card information. In the process, they may also be stealing heath insurance or Medicare information that can be used in future schemes.

Cinthya Lavin is the Director of Communications for the BBB in Southeast Florida. She says it is just one way criminals are trying to capitalize on the pandemic. She also warns people to think twice before making any online purchase, whether it be face masks, disinfectant products or at-home test kits.

“Scammers are saying, ‘You can take this vitamin and it will prevent it and help you or you can do this at home test and it’s a sure thing.’ None of that is approved. None of that is regulated. So anything that you see in regards to that should be a red flag.”

Lavin says some tips to protect yourself are to consult your doctor before purchasing any at-home test kit. Do research before buying and confirm FDA approval. Never share your personal information until you know it is a legitimate source. Finally, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.