TikTok banned across Florida universities, including FIU, FAU

Florida Atlantic University (FAU) blocked access to several social media platforms, including TikTok.

According to a memo sent to FAU students, faculty and staff members Wednesday, Florida Atlantic took immediate action to restrict the use of certain applications or websites from all FAU networks, including wireless and residential halls and from university-owned devices.

FAU added, the technical measures is to protect the University from potential threats posed by several applications and websites of concern, approved by the Florida Board of Governors last week.
The prohibited list includes, TikTok, WeChat, Vkontakte (VK), Kaspersky, and QQ (Tencent QQ).

“I feel so sorry for my friends who live off campus because its something a lot of us use frequently, being our age, a lot of people make money from TikTok, including influencers,” said FAU Junior Kayla Hernandez. “I personally don’t see anything wrong with TikTok. I don’t think any of our ‘for you’ page, poses any threat.”

FAU joined other public universities like Florida International University, Florida State University, the University of Florida, the University of South Florida, Florida Gulf Coast University, and Florida A&M in blocking access to TikTok, WeChat and the three other apps.

FAU blocks access to TikTok on campus internet network, school-owned devices (WPEC)

“I wouldn’t think they would do it for any other reason to harm students, so I mean, whatever the university chooses, I’m riding with the university,” said FAU Freshman Sean Gough.

Joseph Neuman, another FAU Freshman, said, ‘It’s a little annoying. If the university banned it, not much I can do it about it.”