Ex-Coworker Says George Floyd And Killer KKKop Derek Chauvin Had Beef Over His Workplace Practices

George Floyd’s death has brought about a myriad of questions about the relationship between all parties involved. There were rumors that the former cop who killed Floyd, Derek Chauvin, was related to the Asian cop who stood idly by and watched. A former bar owner also came forward to reveal that Chauvin and Big Floyd were previously security co-workers at her establishment. Which begged the questions: Did Derek Chauvin KNOW George Floyd? Did he kill him on purpose??

We don’t quite have all the answers yet, Sway, but we are starting to get a much clearer picture of Chauvin and Floyd’s past history with one another.

According to a piece in CBS news one of the two men’s former co-workers is speaking up with claims that indeed Floyd and Chauvin had prior beefs during their time working at the bar. David Pinney says that the men didn’t get along and “bumped heads” frequently.

When Maya Santamaria, the former owner of the bar, first brought the men’s relationship to light she said she wasn’t sure if they had crossed paths she said she was unsure, but she did have some pretty concrete thoughts about how then-officer Chauvin felt about Black people. When asked, “Do you think Derek had a problem with black people?” Santamaria replied, “I think he was afraid and intimidated.” “By black folks?”, CBS asked. “Yeah,” said Santamaria.