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Ernie Hudson discusses the "rewarding" parts of playing a drug-dealing crime boss on BET+'s 'The Family Business'

Courtesy of BET

Ernie Hudson may be playing a drug dealing crime boss on the BET+ series Carl Weber’s The Family Business, but the actor says there’s lots of “rewarding” and positive elements to his popular crime drama.

“Well, the rewarding thing… [is the] relationship with me and my wife, played by Valarie Pettiford,” Hudson tells ABC Audio. “I love Valarie, she’s a wonderful actress. And to… show a couple that’s committed to each other after however many years, that’s really, really very, very special.”

In the series, Hudson plays LC Duncan, the patriarch of the Duncan family who essentially makes the tough decisions about the future of their drug empire. Hudson says that unlike some narratives about African American families, this series does a great job of highlighting his character’s internal battle of what it takes to successfully lead a prominent family.  

“I also love the fact that [LC] makes choices, but he has a struggle. There’s a struggle,” he says. “And because sometimes in a lot of the African American stories about African Americans, we showed the trauma and the pain. But… we lose the humanity and we don’t understand how they got there.”

[But,] I think [LC’s] very clear on how he got to where he is,” Hudson adds.

Carl Weber’s The Family Business, also starring Darrin HensonClifton Powell, Tami Roman, and Javicia Leslie, is now available on BET+.

By Candice Williams
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