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Erika Alexander says she's "trying to do [her] part" to keep John Lewis' voting rights legacy alive

Erika Alexander is fighting the good fight as one of the producers of the new John Lewis documentary, Good Trouble

The actor and activist tells ABC Audio that she never planned to just be a spectator in the fight for civil rights.

“I’m trying to do my part,” Alexander says. “I mean, in the documentary, we get to see a man who’s given his life to — and again his body — to protect the right to vote. And he knows it’s a powerful tool. And he is a fierce guardian of it.”

Alexander explains that although most people might only see her as an actress from the popular 90s sitcom Living Single, she’s been equally focused on her activism throughout her career.

“I’ve been working inside of electoral politics officially…since 2007, when I became Hillary Clinton‘s surrogate,” she says, noting that she’s traveled across the globe to educate people on their right to vote.

When it comes to Lewis’ fight to protect the voting rights of all Americans, Alexander believes its an attainable goal, since Lewis already laid the foundation.

“Because he gave us the blueprint, we’re able to go on to a new generation, whether it’s you or me,” she says.

John Lewis: Good Trouble is now available On Demand.

By Candice Williams
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