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Eric Benét reminisces over his life and career: "I am grateful for…the mistakes, the victories"

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In the new docu-series, A Closer Look, R&B veteran Eric Benét reflected on his life and career, including his past marriage to Halle Berry

While the singer admitted he thought he found someone as “artistic and weird” as himself,” he tells ABC Audio he was “grateful” to share the vulnerable parts of his life. 

“I feel like for most of my career, I’ve felt like my personal life is my personal life. Let me keep it about the music and let’s keep it moving,” says Benet, who believes this reflective moment happens once we reach a “certain” level of “maturity.”

“I’m fifty-four years old now and I’m looking back…I am grateful for every aspect of my life, the mistakes, the victories,” he continues. “There’s lessons and beauty, in both. And you get to a certain age, it’s like, ‘you know what I’m cool with? We’re telling all that story.'”

Eric, his sister, Lisa and his cousin George Nash, Jr. formed the group, Benét, in 1992. Years later, Eric launched his solo career, even after being dropped from his label and becoming a single father. The husband and now-father of three says he learned the “older you get,” you “understand the blissfulness of ignorance.”

“And that turned out to be basically just a learning experience,” he admits. “I realized I was more resilient than I originally thought I was…as long as I stuck to my guns and I held on to like what I knew creatively and artistically. And I think that’s just a good philosophy for life: stay true to yourself, be honest, be vulnerable with your creativity and just persevere.” 

Eric Benet’s A Closer Look episode is available on Amazon Prime and on the ALLBLK app.

By Rachel George
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