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Eric Bellinger shares how Diddy inspired him to “bring back real R&B”

Courtesy of Eric Bellinger

Despite penning a number of Grammy-winning hit records, Eric Bellinger is often referred to as one of the most underrated R&B artists of today. 

On Wednesday, the singer/songwriter, who’s written for Chris Brown, Usher and more, took to Instagram to reflect on the future of his music career.

“Success is the moment in which preparation meets opportunity,” Bellinger writes. “In February 2020, @Diddy made a post saying it was time to bring back real R&B. When he did, I told myself if we got a chance to link I would be sure to go crazyyy! And here we are. Full Circle. For the Love of R&B music. Stay tuned! This Gon Be Your Favorite Song.”

In a video, Bellenger continued, “When he put that video up in February 2020, I was just like man, if he only knew what I was capable of, if he only knew what I been on for the past years dolo, he wouldn’t be making these videos. We would just be in the studio and here we are. Full circle.”

At the moment, Bellinger is working on the follow up to his Hitmaka-produced project, 1-800-EAZYThe second video Bellinger shared was of music mogul Diddy explaining his “mission” to find the “next era of R&B superstars.”

“You can’t fake R&B. It comes down to the emotions, the vocals, what you’re willing to share, your vulnerability of the truth,” said Diddy. “The greatest R&B artists have been truth tellers and so this is right up my ally as somebody, who has been…yearning to find something for me to throw all of my creative juices around.”

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