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Eric Bellinger ponders on the current state of the world in his new song, "Enough"

Eric Bellinger ponders racism and the current state of the world in his new song, “Enough.” 

The R&B singer took a pen to his notepad to express his “emotions, feelings, hurt, pain, and sadness,” regarding the nationwide protests of police brutality following the tragic death of George Floyd. 

“So many emotions. So many feelings. So much hurt. So much pain. So much sadness,” Bellinger wrote on Instagram, sharing his outrage. “It’s a shame we have to fear the ones that are meant to protect us. We must come together as one human race.”

Bellinger went on to suggest “more rigorous” training for cops, plus deeper background checks, and fact-checking their family history, mental space, spirit and more before they are allowed to join the police force.

“You must hold the unjust accountable,” Bellinger said, before revealing he fears for his life when getting pulled over by a police officer. 

“I know I’m not alone in this,” he added, “We’re crying for help. Enough is Enough!”

Bellinger thanked “Enough’s” producer, SoufWest, for letting him “get this message off of my chest,” and also thanked the cover art’s illustrator, Jarvis Taylor, for, “showcasing the racism that has gone on for far too long.”

By Rachel George
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