South Florida Sunday

South Florida Sundays with Bishop Thomas Masters

Bishop Masters speaks with a college student named Julia Jackson about the impact of the George Floyd protests. She says the protests are invigorating and emotional in their effort to bring about change. They also create a feeling of unity and acceptance of diversity. She believes the incident has created a great deal of momentum, and has served as a “wake up call” for other communities that are affected in the same manner.

There needs to be a limitation to freedom of speech, as some ideas are rooted in a history of racism and evil. In terms of police brutality, Julia says she is now more aware of treatment by law enforcement. She supports defunding the police due to actions such as the chokehold and unnecessary excessive force. Those funds should be diverted to ending causes such as homelessness and addiction. Julia also supports “Black-out Day,” which is scheduled for July 7, and to giving back to the black community, alongside her mother and sister.